Steve Waters, Owner

Having been engaged in the profession of tuning, repairing and restoring pianos 25+ years, under the name Waters Piano Service. Steve has gained a popularity and a reputation for quality work. He is easy to talk with and has a warm, helpful personality lacking in many of his colleagues involved in the piano service industry. As a performer, Steve knows the value of a finely tuned instrument. As a parent, he knows the importance of training young ears to know the sound of a piano in proper working condition. And as a consumer, he recognizes the importance of keeping such an expensive instrument properly maintained. Remember…the worst form of abuse is neglect.

Steve made the decision to launch All Keyed Up Piano Service in 2018 after acquiring a large inventory of used and refurbished pianos. The new store has continued to evolve into the full service piano business it is today.

Offering Sales of Used, Refurbished Pianos, & Complete Piano Service including  tuning, repair, regulation and complete restoration, Steve has proven that he is the one to call for all of your piano needs. He treats your piano as if it were his own and customers have been repeatedly satisfied.  Steve has gained a popularity and a reputation for quality work and possesses a warm personality which seems to be lacking in this service industry.

If you are looking for a piano, or a skilled and experienced piano technician, consider All Keyed Up Piano Shop. Piano owners, concert halls, piano retailers, pianists and piano studios have all relied on All Keyed Up Piano Shop for “Quality Pianos & Service at Reasonable Rates”.