There are many quality pianos that are 50, 75 and even 100 years old. In fact, pianos manufactured during the “Golden Age of Piano Making” (those from 1875-1932) were and are STILL far superior in both their materials and their craftsmanship. These instruments can more readily be restored than modern pianos, because of the extra time invested in seasoning of the old-growth lumber, which was also of greater quality. As trends tended toward the bottom line of efficiency and away from those old world artisans and hand-craft masters, the industry saw their products living shorter and shorter useful lives. When well taken care of, these early twentieth-century models outlast the original owners, and usually the next 3 generations!
We take care to check our older pianos for irreversible damage, so we don’t pass on problems to our customer. We stand by our pianos, because we want to earn your trust. If we can earn your trust, you’ll be more loyal to us…and loyalty yields more recommendations than ANY advertisement can yield!

For two hundred years, the piano has been a staple of the home, strengthening families with the power of music.


Playing and learning music has long been recognized for its physical and mental benefits. Bringing music into your home reduces stress and anxiety, as well as heart and respiratory rates, and also lowers blood pressure.

Time spent with the piano improves mental health. People who engage in musical activities experience less anxiety, loneliness, and depression.  Playing the piano bolsters self-esteem.  It is also an effective form of therapy for Attention Deficit Disorder.

Playing music can reverse memory loss and reverse the decline of brain processing, as well as inner ear hearing loss.


Multiple areas of the brain are strengthened when playing music, including the ability to concentrate, focus and apply knowledge.  Learning to play the piano helps develop patience and discipline in other areas of your life, as well.


There isn’t enough space here to address all the benefits children enjoy through learning and playing the piano.  Here is a list of a few:

Better school performance.

Children who study music fare better on standardized testing and in school, overall.  They recall an average of 20% more vocabulary words than their peers.  Learning new languages is enhanced in those who play music. Reading and comprehension skills are improved.  Music, math and art are closely intertwined .

Improved self-discipline.

Learning to read music and scheduled daily practice sessions teaches discipline, perseverance and time-management, resulting in lifelong skills.

Improved confidence and self-esteem

In learning to play the piano, a child learns to accept constructive criticism, thus building self-confidence.  Kids also feel good about themselves when they can do something special like playing the piano.  Participating in piano recitals and concerts helps kids feel less self-conscious.  Interacting with adults in this process gives kids self-assurance in society.

In providing an avenue for learning to play the piano, you will be giving your child a gift that will last a lifetime!


Playing the piano opens your home to the worlds of Beethoven and Bach, Mozart and Chopin, as well as Scott Joplin and Andrew Lloyd Weber.  The list of wonderful composers and performers is endless.  As you learn to play the music of these great minds, you’ll want to know more about their lives and their works.  In learning about their lives, your family will learn of the history of their time and other artists of that era.

Having a piano in your home is truly and obviously an investment in your family’s future.

No more gambling with your piano purchase, shopping online with Craigslist, LetGo, OfferUp, etc. Our technicians have seen hundreds of these horrifying piano ownership experiences. Worst of these are the notorious “great deals” or “bargains” that all sound too good to be true, and they all seem to follow the same script: ”FREE PIANO….must move yourself”. (Oh. My. Goodness.)

Dear friends, please….PLEASE…….P L E A S E ! ! !

This is a trap:


-“you move it, it’s yours”

-“need it gone, ASAP”

-“come get it out of my basement or garage and you can have it”


We have had to deliver the bad news to WAY too many of our friends about what these piano “deals” potentially cost.


1. HEALTH – piano moving is extremely dangerous!

2. EXPENSE—what if it turns out to be junk? Suddenly, the “FREE” part is not ringing so true.

3. Have fun gambling at casinos, but not on a 400-900lb. intricately designed instrument that you and its owner know nothing to very little about.

PLEASE talk with us about owning one of our guaranteed serviceable used pianos! We stand behind every instrument we sell, and we will be happy to help you avoid this losing gamble.

We are open every Thursday, Friday and Saturday, from 9am-4pm. During First Friday Weekends (the first Friday of every month & that Saturday, 9am-5pm, and also by appointment. Call us anytime, and we can get you set up with a time to come by. We want to be your piano matchmaker!

Our pianos have a wide price range, from as low as a few hundred dollars and up. Most of our inventory is priced under $1000, but you’ll not find the same selection for very long! With the massive selection of pianos we offer, people can easily find the perfect match for their needs. All of our pianos are guaranteed to be serviceable. This means that if there is any structural issue which prevents the piano from staying in tune and/or performing as it was designed, we will cheerfully exchange the piano for another of the same price, at no cost to you!

Yes, but so much more! A tuner may be able to get the strings of a piano sounding ok, but as experienced technicians, the extremely high level of product knowledge for what we sell is what sets us apart from other retail piano operations. We have the experience and know-how to diagnose and repair problems anywhere in the piano! We can help you get your piano in the best shape possible, so just imagine how the pianos we are selling will perform!