One of our passions is to restore, rebuild & preserve your neglected, or just timeworn instrument. With over thirty years of practical experience, we have perfected the art of tailoring our piano repair and restoration business to meet the particular needs of your piano and your wallet. From rebuilding hundreds of pianos, we know how to design service packages that reflect exactly what each individual piano needs. Not too much; not too little. Our approach keeps costs down for you while at the same time, accomplishing the actual work that needs to be done.

If you have a piano that you care deeply about, you will find us to be not only accessible, but responsive to your concerns and your piano’s needs. The bottom line: we are very proud of our piano business. Our work is gorgeous, our prices are fair, and we will care for your piano like it’s our very own.

We set the bar high using our expert skills of “old world” hand craftsmanship with modern technology. We have decades of experience and are proud of the fact that we meticulously rebuild every piano with 110 % dedication to detail. We advise you honestly and give straightforward estimates and expectations. Compared to high priced rebuilders, we save our clients a substantial amount money and frustration.

Throughout the years I have enjoyed the reputation for producing some of the finest quality piano restorations in the Midwest. Many of our clients inherit their pianos from over 2 generations ago. These vintage pianos are the best candidates for restoration for several reasons including; lasting sentimental value, great historical character, solidly built with beautiful woods, unique vintage crafted designs, better quality and much less expensive than buying new.

Steinway & Sons, Mason & Hamlin, Baldwin, and Wm. Knabe are some of the most restored brands among others. Restored Baldwins and Knabes are far better than their new lines from China and Korea, respectively.

It is a wise investment choice for families and a very satisfying experience for us to rebuild and renew a piano. Our clients are always thrilled with the results; the rich sound is regained, the new action is precise and the casework is beautifully refinished. Quite often the new sound of a restored piano can actually exceed the tonal qualities of the original piano from when it was new.

Please call for a compete consultation about your piano restoration project.

Before and During our Restoration Process

Before During

After our Restoration Process